Online Retail

Increased Revenues, Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • RECOGNISE your customer
  • PERSONALISE the journey removing all the white noise
  • CONVERT as your customer has easier access to their preferred brands
  • IN REAL TIME deliver content that is specific to your customers’ needs

Online Retail

No importa lo que vendas, tener la capacidad de leer a la persona que está frente tuya es siempre importante para asegurarse de que gasten su dinero ganado con tanto esfuerzo. Hasta ahora, leer a alguien digitalmente ha sido un juego de adivinanzas. VEDRA te ofrece esa capacidad cara a cara a nivel digital, ya que entiende al usuario, sin importar desde qué dispositivo o navegador vuelvan a tu sitio.

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Digital Face To Face

By understanding the user, Vedra allows your site content to change on the fly, giving the user a customized experience that shows them exactly what they are interested on, based on previous visits and other online activity. Engaging with your customer is vital nowadays, with so many online options available. To be able to offer them a personalized experience will not only give the a more enjoyable shopping journey, it strengthens the bond between you and them and it results in a more productive shopping trip, increasing your conversions rates. Knowing the sex of the shopper, the budget, preference and any previous online purchasing activity on your site, allows you to offer specific content, removing all of the white noise. In simple terms, a female shopper wouldn’t have to negotiate through any male clothing to find their preferred options, also a female shopper with a history of buying a specific label from you could have that front and centre with similar brands available to them also.

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Stay Connected

If a user is looking at an item and looks likely to leave the journey, Vedra gives you the ability to engage with them, encourage them to complete their booking. For example, there are only a limited number of those items in your size, buy now to avoid disappointment. If the user does abandon, Vedra gives you the ability to reconnect, thanks them for visiting the store and let them know that the item is still in their cart and offer a link to buy without going through the process again.

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Vedra gives online supermarkets the ability to understand their users activity, know what they buy – from items to brands – and tailor the site content to suit. Also, when looking at introducing a new brand to market, one that has more financial gain for the supermarket, the ability to push those brands to shoppers that are most likely to buy them increases conversion.

Online Shopping