Digital Media

Content Personalisation Driven By Artificial Intelligence

  • RECOGNISE users when they land on your site
  • PERSONALISE their experience by delivering specific, interesting content in real time
  • CONVERT by targeting campaigns/ promotions to the right demographic

Digital Media

How many of us get our information online these days? Digital newspapers and magazines have become the norm, giving us the ability to keep up to date on our news while we are on the go, either through our smart phone, tablets or laptops. Whether we are getting the latest updates on the market, checking out celebrity gossip stories or watching the goals from the weekend matches. News comes thick and fast and from a multitude of sources. Imagine, as one of those sources, being able to understand what your users are interested in as soon as they land on your page?

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How Do You Read Your News?

Going back to the old school experience of picking up an actual magazine or newspaper, everyone reads them differently. The football fan will go straight to the back pages, maybe you want to find out what is happening in the world of entertainment, and you will head straight for that section. Nowadays, with everything being digital, it might take a bit if researching on your part to find the news that is most relevant to you. If your chosen digital publication had the benefit of the Vedra system, it can offer you exactly what you are interested in from the minute you land on the site. From a user perspective, it would make it a much more enjoyable experience, all of your favourite stories and topics at your fingertips.

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Personalise Your Users Experience and Increase Conversion Rates

As a digital media outlet, no one knows better than you that you have to keep your user engaged. The minute they are not getting the information they need in a quick and easy way, they have countless other online options that are waiting to take your place. Using Vedra allows you to understand the user, know what they are interested in, through previous visits and other online activity, and direct that content to them in real time. Not only do they become immediately engaged but they build a trust and loyalty with your site that ensures their continued use. From an advertiser’s perspective, imagine being able to assure them that their banners/ adverts can be placed in front of their target demographic every time that person lands on the website?

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