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  • RECOGNISE the users’ needs
  • PERSONALISE the journey, remove irrelevant products
  • CONVERT as a result of the personalized journey


Identify Your Users

One of the fastest growing online sectors in recent years is the beauty and personal care market. What was previously an industry limited to physical stores has become one of the biggest growth areas in e-commerce. Cosmetic websites offer a diverse set of products that cater to multiple ethnicities, skin types and styles. This means that a user visiting a cosmetics website may have to spend a great deal of time sifting through products that are no use to them before they find the desired items to buy. With Vedra, this lengthy process no longer exists.

Beauty Doesn't See Colour
Set Of Decorative Cosmetic

Remove The White Noise

Vedra identifies the user when they land on the site, giving you a knowledge of what type of product they are looking for to complement their specific set of needs, it can clear away the white noise and offer a personalised journey to that user, showing them only the products that are relevant to them. This makes the journey a much smoother one, increasing conversion rates and building a trust between the user and the brand. It’s as close an experience to standing in front of the shop assistant in the store and having them show you exactly the type of product that would be relevant to your skin tone or hair colour.

Beautiful Girl Going Shopping
Perfume And Cosmetic Shop

Personalise The Shopping Experience

Cosmetics is a huge sector, with a variety of products on offer; from brushes to applicators to skin moisturisers, primers and removers, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, lipstick, gloss, pencils and palettes. Each of these products has a selection depending on your skin tone, hair colour etc, meaning there is a vast number of products to work your way through, which may make online shopping for cosmetics a daunting task. Vedra gives the site the chance to offer every visitor a customised journey that only incorporates the products that are relevant to them. This makes for a much better shopping experience as well as a greater conversion rate in purchases, not to mention a loyalty between consumer and store.

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Beautiful Woman Shopping In Beauty Store.
Cosmetics Shop
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